Wednesday, 8 June 2011

our first post

milling seat angles for multiple adjustments
At FABRaiCATIONS over the month of  may Greg + Jake have been busy working on a mitsubishi lancer GSR
- check out the photos below
front legs notched into factory dash bar
plenium/pedals have been reinforced, under hard braking the pedal box/plenium can flex up to 5mm
fabraications trademark windscreen bar
fabraications tight fitting allows for extra welding to directly attach the body to the rollcage
bent 'b' pillar is stitched to 'b' pillar for reinforcement. multiple tube nodes make for a very strong cage
adjustable seat mounts
driver's side footplate
complete - ready for pickup

the boys did a great job and a very happy customer
hope you liked looking at the photos above keep coming back for some more exciting projects and goings on in the FABRaiCATIONS work shop

the fabrai team

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